Saris & Zwift

Saris / Zwift demonstration area.

We have a Saris & Zwift demo / test centre where you can try out Saris smart Turbo Trainers, and see what Zwift is all about.

You can also try our bikes indoors, we can set up any bike on the turbo so you can take a virtual test ride. This is especially useful for ebikes as we can simulate some pretty big hills to enable you to feel just how much an ebike helps.

We can also use this facility to provide help and support for people new to cycling as we can offer cycling guidance whilst you pedal. Not sure about changing gear on your new road bike, no problem, practice inside with our help and advise.

Finally we can also use this setup to provide a basic bike fit, where we can set you off cycling on your bike and film you, we can then take measurments of different angles during your ride and advise changes to your bike set up to help get the most power from your legs into the back wheel.

We can supply a wide range of Saris turbo trainers & accessories. Plus Zwift membership packages. Call in for more details.

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