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Wear your helmet! We cannot stress just how important it is to wear a good quality cycle helmet. We were witness to a very serious accident recently where a cyclist had the misfortune to take a tumble and landed in a hedge bottom. His head hit a tree trunk and split the helmet in two. If he'd not been wearing that helmet, he may not have survived. Other injuries sustained include 9 broken ribs, broken shoulder blade & collarbone. Our thought and best wishes go to him and his family, we hope he makes a speedy recovery.

Unfortunately this happens more often than you'd think, we have a couple of accident damaged helmets in the shop that probably saved the riders lives. Maybe being in the trade we get to hear of such incidents more often, but it does bring home to us just how important a helmet can be.

The chance of anything happening is remote, but usually comes out of the blue when least expected and can have life long implications. We cannot stress enough how important a helmet is, it may just save your life.

It is recommended that cycle helmets are replaced approx every 3-4 years and immediately after an incident where the helmet has had an impact. Helmets do wear out over time, they slowly deteriorate especially from being in the sunshine.

This isn't a sales pitch, we just want to encourage all riders to wear a good quality helmet, we don't really care where you get it from, just make sure it's on your head and not left in the shed!


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