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5 accessories to improve your bike commute.

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Be bright, be seen, stay safe

Good quality lights, the must have accessory all year round, make sure you can be seen by all other road users and pedestrians.

Always wear a quality helmet

We can not recommend strongly enough just how important a good helmet is. We have a selection of damaged helmets that have saved lives in the shop, when you see just how deformed they are, you really understand the importance of wearing a helmet on every ride.

Protect your investment with a good quality lock

We hear so many sad tales of bikes being stolen and never seen again, it takes seconds for a thief to take your bike. D locks are the most secure type of lock, highly resistant to bolt croppers and car jacks. Lock your bike in a well lit area, to a very secure object and for extra protection add a good cable through the wheels too.

Spares & tools

Always carry a spare inner tube and a few basic tools to help ensure you're able to get home should your bike suffers a mechanical issue of puncture. You can also reduce the risk of puncture by fitting puncture resistant tyres or filling your inner tubes with slime. To guarantee never getting a puncture again, we can fit solid Tannus tyres.

Regular maintenance

To ensure your bike is ready for the next journey, keep on top of maintenance, wash your bike, lightly oil the chain, check the brakes and gears work correctly. Checking for free play in wheels, cranks & steering. Look out for rusty brake and gear cables. We can offer tips and advice on keeping your bike in good condition.


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