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Newark Cycles workshop

Call to book your bike in for a service 01636 612010

Regular servicing will help keep your bike in great condition, depending on how often you use your bike and in what conditions you ride will affect service intervals. A gentle occasional rider may only need to service their bike annually, or even bi-annually. A serious off-road weekend mud warrior may need monthly servicing. Whichever kind of rider you are we can help.

All bikes are as individual as their owners and we believe in providing an individual service to each of our customers. When you bring your bike in to us, we will assess it with you and discuss our findings. We agree what work will be undertaken and at what cost. We will always ring you should we find other issues that were not apparent at the time of assessment to discuss options.

Keeping on top of servicing will cut costs in the long run and make sure your bike runs correctly. We can record your cycle details into our database and send you a text reminder when your next service is due, please ask for details.
Our technicians are Cytech trained and are highly skilled, with experience working on all sorts of bikes, from the smallest child's bikes to top of the range road & mountain bikes, we also service ebikes and are a Bosch certified service centre. So whatever job you need doing - we can help.

We only use quality parts and never fit inferior components.

Our workshop is always busy, but we will ensure your job is completed as quickly as possible.

Our services start from £35
Service prices will vary according to the work required, we believe in providing you with an accurate cost for the work actually undertaken, rather then simple menu pricing. Our basic check and adjust service starts from just £35. This will involve checking everything is working properly, gears index adjusted, brakes adjusted and aligned, all bolts correctly torqued, tires inflated etc.

Example Service Costs:
A bike that needs a basic service, plus 2 or 3 parts fitted such as gear cables, brake cables, chain, cassette, bar-tape would cost £45 plus parts.
If a similar bike also needed bottom bracket / headset bearings, wheel bearings, spokes, chain-set this would be £65 plus parts.
Say the bike had been left in the shed for a few years after being put away damp. It's probably started to rust and requires all the above, we'd be looking at around £85 plus parts.
Finally for a complete strip to frame, clean, degrease and service every component, rebuild and setup £125

Basic Wash

  • Detergent wet wash, dry & lubricate.
    £10 if undertaken with a service.

Chemical Wash

  • Degrease drivetrain, Detergent wet wash, dry & lubricate, apply frame protection.
    £15 if undertaken with a service.

Transmission Scrub

  • Remove transmission components, fully degrease, wash, dry, lubricate, reassemble, index gears. £20 if undertaken with a service.

Build Service

From £40
  • If you buy a cycle in a box (from any retailer or online) we will happily accept delivery of it, build it and test your new bike for you.
    This means that you or your children can pedal away safe in the knowledge that your bike has been correctly assembled and tested.
    We'll dispose of the cardboard packaging and offer 1 free service.

Bike Fit Service

From £30
  • To get the most from your cycle it's important that it is set up properly for you and your riding style. We use computer and video technologies to set your bike to a good starting point. You can then fine tune this setup to to get the most from your rides.

    We will provide a free bike fit with any road bike purchase.
    We have comprehensive workshop facilities to undertake any tasks.

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