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Bike Commuting Checklist

Environmentally friendly, good for your health, saves you money… There’s a lot to be said for biking to work, and with our range of cycle 2 work schemes, there has never been a better time to start bike commuting.

Below is a nice example checklist of things to think about when considering cycling to work.


☐ Know the rules of biking on the road. If you don’t, learn them quick!

☐ Appraise your fitness level. A 10-mile ride to work when unfit will have a dramatic impact on your day. Consider shorter rides to build up your fitness levels.

☐ Learn how to mend a tire puncture and do minor bike repairs.

☐ Have a professional conduct a safety check and tune up on your bike.


☐ Your bike

☐ A quality helmet

☐ Bike lights

☐ Wet weather gear

☐ Gloves

☐ Eye protection/sun glasses

☐ Bike shorts for longer distances

☐ Back pack

☐ Reflective and high visibility safety clothing

☐ First aid kit

☐ Bike repair kit: patch kit, pump (or CO2 inflator), multi-tool, spare tube

☐ Emergency contact information

☐ Bike lock

☐ Cell phone


☐ Head mounted flashlight

☐ Panniers, saddle bag

☐ Bike bell

☐ Cellphone mount

☐ Hat/buff/beanie

☐ Sunscreen and lip balm


☐ Your work clothes (or carry them rolled up in your backpack)

☐ Toiletries, wet wipes, towel, and a washcloth

☐ Hairdryer

☐ Work shoes


☐ Do a basic bike safety check (tires, brakes, gears, chain, lights etc.)

☐ Double check you have everything on the essentials list

☐ Fill your water bottle

☐ Pack snacks to replenish your energy